Wedding Hair and Make Up on Lisa at Upwaltham Barns July 2014

On the 4th July 2014 we were very lucky to be a part of this beautiful wedding for Lisa and Mark at Upwaltham Barns near Chichester.

  On the morning of the wedding we were blessed with beautiful blue skies and sunshine. The Barn and grounds are very picturesque which made a beautiful venue to prepare our bride in. Lisa was relaxed on the morning of the wedding and preparations ran smoothly. 

We started with the bridesmaids hairs, which were simply curled to give body, back combed very slightly and pulled round to one side into a side pony tail, once secured the remaining hair was pinned into messy buns and loosened around ears to give a soft finish. once both bridesmaids hair were completed we started on Lisa's. We followed the same pattern for the bridesmaids hair and curled it. Once curled we did inverted french plaits to the back, which we then went back and pulled each section of plait out to create a softer plait more like a pancake braid. Each plait was secured at the back and the remaining hair was pinned into loose barrel curls, again creating a soft finish. We added to Lisas hair a beautiful vintage style comb which went with the weddings vintage theme. After hair was complete all three had make up done both bridesmaids had natural finishes with brown tone eyeshadows, blusher and neutral lips.

 We did very similar for Lisa except she had had some eyelash extensions put on so we enhanced these with a line of eyeliner, tinted moisturiser to add a light base, loose powder to fix, blusher and a neutral lipgloss. The final finishing touches for Lisa were a beautiful birdcage veil which we delicately secured over her hair and make up, the result stunning as you can see from the photos. As we said a great wedding to be part of!

Photographers by Tim Simpson Photography.